Caught my eye 2015/16

by gtdalgleish “All his clothing was mid-14th Century in style and based on items on a body found in peat in Scandinavia.” “We want a Malala-Muzoon army to inspire young girls to stand up for their rights,” “The middle-income, comfortable, steadily-richer, kids-at-college culture, which fed into much of western democracy, is a shrinking island, being replaced by extremes of affluence and poverty.” “Maybe Asian wisdom can be plump, but in the west we like the wise to be skin and bones.” “He remained for all that, a convincing and genuine person caught between forces far too big for him”. “He adopted a revolutionary brand of Christianity based on spiritual and material austerity.”

“ … to surround ourselves with people whose views and lifestyles differ from our own.”

The Mystery of the Cross          How, then, do we bridge the gap? Many early Christian writings understand the cross in terms of expansion into the cosmos: St. Irenaeus interpreted ‘breadth and length and height and depth’ found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (3, 18 -19) as the Cross extending through the heavens and the earth and the four cardinal points. Christian apocrypha such as the Gospel of Peter and the Clementine Homilies in fact speak of six dimensions of the Cross, six infinite expansions: up and down, right and left, before and after.         “Corruption is a national problem – the worst sickness we have in Brazil. But I don’t think it’s worse than before. It’s more visible nowadays because we have more investigations – we know more about what’s happening in the country.” “ … thinks that concentrating on being “trustworthy” by becoming more transparent and honest is the only way forward for companies if they wish to succeed.” “ … many of the new, alternative funeral directing businesses are being opened by women.” “The work is beautiful and, considering its lack of content, very engaging.” “This loan is not only symbolic historically, but also spiritually.” “St Stephen’s Green provided moments of calm during the Rising, as twice a day the fighting would stop to allow the park warden to feed the ducks.” “ … perhaps it’s time that we all – Britain and the US as well as Denmark – sit and figure out what we did.” “ – decades on from the civil rights movement, many black and white Americans simply don’t mix.” “Mild, wet weather isn’t good news for bees,” he said.
“How could God want his own Son Jesus to suffer for our sins, as is taught in traditional Christianity?” “That all changed with the Iranian revolution. Suddenly, a competition emerged to prove which country was most worthy of leading the Islamic world.”

Cyrus Cylinder

10.000 years ago axis tilted half a degree from 24.1 to 23.5. “I didn’t want to touch it, and in that moment I knew I had to do it, because if it awakened those feelings in me, then it had the potential to be quite important.” 78 percent of millennials would rather pay for an experience than material goods “The Jesus in these texts was radically different from the one in the accepted gospels of the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Instead of the suffering, human, Son of God, they depicted a divine being whose mysterious sayings revealed the secrets to immortality.” “Many people are not only angry, they are angrier than they were a year ago”

Open Resolver Project  (rather technical, but important nevertheless) “in Europe, trees grown since 1750 have actually increased global warming.” “How they vote will be decided by instinct, by gut, by visceral feelings about the EU.” “Everyone will have their own drama. And then we will agree.” “The new discovery is a crucial addition to the fossil record of this family, which is very poorly understood.” “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it …” (like Benchley writing Jaws?)

The French paper Le Figaro says that an agreement was finally secured by means of “a war of attrition, a sleep war”. “Article 50 is not really a process designed to facilitate the exit of a nation state from the EU–it is an attempt to build a process that is so risky, politically and economically, that no country would dare invoke it”. “the movement is an inevitable necessary and renewing phase in the history of Islam…”

Akhnaten, Gandhi and Einstein — three men who revolutionized the thoughts and events of their times through the power of an inner vision. This, then, is the theme of the trilogy. Einstein — the man of science; Gandhi — the man of politics; Akhnaten — the man of religion. These themes (science, politics, religion) are, to an extent, shared by all three and they inform our ideological and real worlds.    Philip Glass 1987. “Having written so many obituaries Lende is often asked what makes a good life. She thinks it comes down to one thing – relationships.” “he carves when he is at his stillest—in between heartbeats.” “it’s Europe failure to work together across the region that’s the issue.” “the continuation of a disintegration that began 40 years ago”

“Such a Lent of forty days, in the spring of the year, is still observed by the Yezidis or pagan Devil worshippers of Koordistan, who have inherited it from their early masters, the Babylonians.” “one person who’s crashed into this stone in over 11,000 years” “We realize that we must first be something in and of ourselves to be something for others.” “This is a simple fact: a true spiritual teacher never asks for money.” “Pluto, the mightiest of the planets, is the master of Scorpio until the beginning of the year 1995 and afterwards it will enter Sagittarius. It awakens the old demons to exorcize them completely and this cleansing will bring all the mud from the depths to the surface. The energy will serve to purify man, if it is well used; being perverted it will turn against him. Pluto in Scorpio indicates a token of life, death, rebirth. Then, it will enter Sagittarius, symbol of superior spirit, of metaphysical abstraction, of fundamental seeking.” “It was an extremely fractious, highly politicised place to work. I didn’t see anything like that again until Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party.” “Every time modern humans arrived somewhere new, it tended to be bad news for the endemic fauna. Things would go pear-shaped pretty quickly.” “We are now living in the period between the start of the New Age in 1899 and the commencement of the Aquarian Age in 2375. Clearly, it is important to distinguish between the New Age and the Age of Aquarius.”   “In the time preceding this – the present period of tribulation – through the renewed working of Christ’s etheric body in the New Age, the possibility exists, through connecting with the event of the Second Coming, of awakening already to the etheric world. On the other hand the power of materialism is growing stronger and stronger, working to cut humanity off from the etheric world and to blot out any experience of the Second Coming of Christ. This is the struggle that is taking place at the present point in time. It is a struggle between materialism working to bind consciousness to the physical, and an awakening through Christ and Sophia to the etheric. All the trials and tribulations of the present time are connected with this conflict. The signs of this period of tribulation spoken of by Christ in the Gospel of St. Matthew and in the Gospel of St. Luke are war, famine, epidemics, earthquakes, and “great signs in heaven”.”   “When one understands the Mystery of Golgotha, that is the only thing that enables us to experience the whole of nature morally. If one then gazes up at the clouds and sees the lightning flashing from them, one will then be able to behold Christ in his etheric form – with the “clouds,” that is to say, with the elements. He will appear in spirit form. This vision will one day appear to every human being, whether it is sooner or later, only the Father knows the day and the hour – as it says in the Gospel.” “- and how many best-in-their-generation figures steer clear of politics altogether, choosing instead to change the world through working in business, NGOs or tech start-ups.” “Hospitals that have developed a culture of open reporting have produced outstanding results.” “There are religious sects, Lutherans, here in Norway that forbade members from even having curtains because nothing should be concealed from the public eye” “There is increasing scientific interest in ancient medicinal plants.” “Ancient Greek politics was a relatively open affair, but Roman civilisation by contrast was positively ridden with plotting and intrigue in its later years, and a fair amount of leaking, according to the historian Tom Holland.” “Now, more than ever, it seems, the leak is mightier than the sword.” “In important instances Britain and the United States are actually the worst offenders in the provision of financial secrecy.” “ …I’m far more likely to find a solution by going for a walk than sitting at my desk and ‘thinking’.”