Aw adna – or nearer

The Whin, on the A7 north of Galashiels

Caught my eye 2015/16 “All his clothing was mid-14th Century in style and based on items on a body found in peat in Scandinavia.” “We want a Malala-Muzoon army to inspire young girls to stand up for their rights,” “The middle-income, comfortable, steadily-richer, kids-at-college culture, which fed into much of western democracy, is a shrinking island, being replaced by extremes of affluence and poverty.” “Maybe Asian wisdom can be plump, but in the west we like the wise to be skin and bones.” “He remained for all that, a convincing and genuine person caught between forces far too big for him”. “He adopted a revolutionary brand of Christianity based on spiritual and material austerity.”

“ … to surround ourselves with people whose views and lifestyles differ from our own.”

The Mystery of the Cross          How, then, do we bridge the gap? Many early Christian writings understand the cross in terms of expansion into the cosmos: St. Irenaeus interpreted ‘breadth and length and height and depth’ found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (3, 18 -19) as the Cross extending through the heavens and the earth and the four cardinal points. Christian apocrypha such as the Gospel of Peter and the Clementine Homilies in fact speak of six dimensions of the Cross, six infinite expansions: up and down, right and left, before and after.         “Corruption is a national problem – the worst sickness we have in Brazil. But I don’t think it’s worse than before. It’s more visible nowadays because we have more investigations – we know more about what’s happening in the country.” “ … thinks that concentrating on being “trustworthy” by becoming more transparent and honest is the only way forward for companies if they wish to succeed.” “ … many of the new, alternative funeral directing businesses are being opened by women.” “The work is beautiful and, considering its lack of content, very engaging.” “This loan is not only symbolic historically, but also spiritually.” “St Stephen’s Green provided moments of calm during the Rising, as twice a day the fighting would stop to allow the park warden to feed the ducks.” “ … perhaps it’s time that we all – Britain and the US as well as Denmark – sit and figure out what we did.” “ – decades on from the civil rights movement, many black and white Americans simply don’t mix.” “Mild, wet weather isn’t good news for bees,” he said.
“How could God want his own Son Jesus to suffer for our sins, as is taught in traditional Christianity?” “That all changed with the Iranian revolution. Suddenly, a competition emerged to prove which country was most worthy of leading the Islamic world.”

Cyrus Cylinder

10.000 years ago axis tilted half a degree from 24.1 to 23.5. “I didn’t want to touch it, and in that moment I knew I had to do it, because if it awakened those feelings in me, then it had the potential to be quite important.” 78 percent of millennials would rather pay for an experience than material goods “The Jesus in these texts was radically different from the one in the accepted gospels of the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Instead of the suffering, human, Son of God, they depicted a divine being whose mysterious sayings revealed the secrets to immortality.” “Many people are not only angry, they are angrier than they were a year ago”

Open Resolver Project  (rather technical, but important nevertheless) “in Europe, trees grown since 1750 have actually increased global warming.” “How they vote will be decided by instinct, by gut, by visceral feelings about the EU.” “Everyone will have their own drama. And then we will agree.” “The new discovery is a crucial addition to the fossil record of this family, which is very poorly understood.” “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it …” (like Benchley writing Jaws?)

The French paper Le Figaro says that an agreement was finally secured by means of “a war of attrition, a sleep war”. “Article 50 is not really a process designed to facilitate the exit of a nation state from the EU–it is an attempt to build a process that is so risky, politically and economically, that no country would dare invoke it”. “the movement is an inevitable necessary and renewing phase in the history of Islam…”

Akhnaten, Gandhi and Einstein — three men who revolutionized the thoughts and events of their times through the power of an inner vision. This, then, is the theme of the trilogy. Einstein — the man of science; Gandhi — the man of politics; Akhnaten — the man of religion. These themes (science, politics, religion) are, to an extent, shared by all three and they inform our ideological and real worlds.    Philip Glass 1987. “Having written so many obituaries Lende is often asked what makes a good life. She thinks it comes down to one thing – relationships.” “he carves when he is at his stillest—in between heartbeats.” “it’s Europe failure to work together across the region that’s the issue.” “the continuation of a disintegration that began 40 years ago”

“Such a Lent of forty days, in the spring of the year, is still observed by the Yezidis or pagan Devil worshippers of Koordistan, who have inherited it from their early masters, the Babylonians.” “one person who’s crashed into this stone in over 11,000 years” “We realize that we must first be something in and of ourselves to be something for others.” “This is a simple fact: a true spiritual teacher never asks for money.” “Pluto, the mightiest of the planets, is the master of Scorpio until the beginning of the year 1995 and afterwards it will enter Sagittarius. It awakens the old demons to exorcize them completely and this cleansing will bring all the mud from the depths to the surface. The energy will serve to purify man, if it is well used; being perverted it will turn against him. Pluto in Scorpio indicates a token of life, death, rebirth. Then, it will enter Sagittarius, symbol of superior spirit, of metaphysical abstraction, of fundamental seeking.” “It was an extremely fractious, highly politicised place to work. I didn’t see anything like that again until Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party.” “Every time modern humans arrived somewhere new, it tended to be bad news for the endemic fauna. Things would go pear-shaped pretty quickly.” “We are now living in the period between the start of the New Age in 1899 and the commencement of the Aquarian Age in 2375. Clearly, it is important to distinguish between the New Age and the Age of Aquarius.”   “In the time preceding this – the present period of tribulation – through the renewed working of Christ’s etheric body in the New Age, the possibility exists, through connecting with the event of the Second Coming, of awakening already to the etheric world. On the other hand the power of materialism is growing stronger and stronger, working to cut humanity off from the etheric world and to blot out any experience of the Second Coming of Christ. This is the struggle that is taking place at the present point in time. It is a struggle between materialism working to bind consciousness to the physical, and an awakening through Christ and Sophia to the etheric. All the trials and tribulations of the present time are connected with this conflict. The signs of this period of tribulation spoken of by Christ in the Gospel of St. Matthew and in the Gospel of St. Luke are war, famine, epidemics, earthquakes, and “great signs in heaven”.”   “When one understands the Mystery of Golgotha, that is the only thing that enables us to experience the whole of nature morally. If one then gazes up at the clouds and sees the lightning flashing from them, one will then be able to behold Christ in his etheric form – with the “clouds,” that is to say, with the elements. He will appear in spirit form. This vision will one day appear to every human being, whether it is sooner or later, only the Father knows the day and the hour – as it says in the Gospel.” “- and how many best-in-their-generation figures steer clear of politics altogether, choosing instead to change the world through working in business, NGOs or tech start-ups.” “Hospitals that have developed a culture of open reporting have produced outstanding results.” “There are religious sects, Lutherans, here in Norway that forbade members from even having curtains because nothing should be concealed from the public eye” “There is increasing scientific interest in ancient medicinal plants.” “Ancient Greek politics was a relatively open affair, but Roman civilisation by contrast was positively ridden with plotting and intrigue in its later years, and a fair amount of leaking, according to the historian Tom Holland.” “Now, more than ever, it seems, the leak is mightier than the sword.” “In important instances Britain and the United States are actually the worst offenders in the provision of financial secrecy.” “ …I’m far more likely to find a solution by going for a walk than sitting at my desk and ‘thinking’.”

If I ruled the world …

This new posting has been prompted by a conversation with the son in law of my new partner, in which I may have mentioned that there is no injustice in this world.  This can be difficult to accept and is probably rejected by most as invalid.

I was brought up with the regular Christian doctrine of ‘creatio ex nihilo’, being led to believe that God created the Universe out of nothing, and therefore is not directly responsible for it.  He has sent messages to us through various agencies, but ultimately we are left to get on with it.

During my first long course at the Beshara School of Intensive Esoteric Education, there came a moment when I realised that the teaching of Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi was at odds with this.  He espoused the understanding that the Universe was revealed through various outward projections of the Absolute’s ‘love to be known’.  At every degree of Being, explained by five hadarat or presences, there is an inward looking aspect as well as one that looks outward..  Others will explain this much better than myself.

Ibn ‘Arabi also states such as ‘if anything were out of place by so much as a hair’s breadth, the Universe would be rent in twain’.  There are those, Stephen Fry comes to mind as he railed at an Irish interviewer recently, that cannot accept that there is a God as there is so much in this world that appears to them to be a result of injustice.  Attempting to accept Ibn ‘Arabi’s point of view would negate this way of viewing the matter – everything is perfect, everything is just where it should be.  We cannot change the world, but what we can do is change our view of it.

I am reminded here of a story on the BBC news website in which a woman who had been under the sway of pimps for many years, was spoken of by a police officer in such derogatory terms that she thought to desire an end to her situation and asked God (a higher agency, or whatever) for help.  From that time, her life changed and she was helped to escape, and now helps others to free themselves from similar situations (only if they ask for help presumably).

link to above story

Apologies to all readers for the lacks in these words, it’s a while since I posted, and I’m a bit nervous of saying the things I’m saying, however, I’m going to plough on regardless, and see where it goes.

Last week, a group of us energy workers descended on the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court), to sit in one of the public galleries.  I had intended to take a train at 9:20, but while clearing up in the kitchen, I became anxious and felt that I should just go, and thus ended up on an earlier train.  On it, there was a gentleman speaking on his smart-phone about his own court appearances (coincidence?), past and future, saying, as you hear often, ‘It wasn’t my fault’.  From what I’ve learnt, we are all responsible for what happens to us, or what happens is designed to teach us and help us advance spiritually.  According to TFL, it would take about the same time to walk to the Old Bailey from Waterloo as to go by bus or tube, and it was a nice day so I did.  I’d always assumed that Bailey was a legal term, forgetting about Motte and Baileys that my daughter had studied at school, but reading up the night before found that the street Old Bailey is what the court is named after.  It runs along part of what was the Western wall of the Roman city, we’ve already visited places along the Eastern side where the street London Wall is.

So I arrived in plenty of time, and as I got close, the Guantanamera tune came into my head and I started singing it quietly.  I thought this a bit strange as it usually manifests when I’m near a sacred place such as a Bronze Age Barrow.  Anyway, it then came to me to walk round the courts three times anti-clockwise, repeating the tune.  How this works, assuming there is benefit from it, I can give no explanation for, but I’m quite happy to carry out things like that that come to mind.  During this, I started bumping into others of our team, so I explained what I was doing and they left me to it.  Our leader said it would be best to visit one of the older courts which are numbered 1 – 4.  This is a separate entrance in Newgate street (the courts are on the site of Newgate prison) from the new court building.  The new entrance (for those appearing in the courts themselves rather than any of the public galleries) is so unlike the expansive atriums of office blocks, it looks very constricted, maybe appropriate for such a place.  Once through the security checks (no bags or phones allowed at all) we climbed up to the second floor and were asked which court we wished to observe.  We asked for No.1 as we had been informed it was the one with the best atmosphere.  It hosted a fraud case we were told, the lady being a bit perplexed by exactly what our interest could be, je pense.  We’d only been in there five minutes when the jury foreman asked for the morning’s recess to happen (a condition of entry is to stay at least 20 – 30 minutes), and a court official asked for the gallery to be cleared.  So back out to the waiting area (please don’t discuss the case) for about fifteen minutes, until it resumed and our 20 – 30 minutes started again.  I think we stayed a bit more than half an hour, then visited a particular spot in the Royal Fusiliers Garden of Remembrance at St Sepulchre without Newgate.

Nice latest missive from Inelia Benz, explaining a bit about the Shamanic stream of consciousness which she has access to like regular Shamans.  Always remember her saying how the Aquarian Age can’t not happen, but how rough the transition to it is, is dependent on how much preparatory work we allow to be carried out through us.  Good introduction to her is the interview with Bill Ryan.

……………..  I wouldn’t change a thing.


I have been making notes on this subject since I got up, so presumably It’s a good idea for me to write it now.  The transition from Beshara to White Eagle Lodge has been a major one, so let’s start with that.  Both of them say that one’s participation in them is a choice made before one is born, well, that makes a lot of sense to me, that our time here does have some advanced planning.  Unlike current Church doctrine which denies the pre-existing soul or spirit.

As mentioned earlier, the end of my involvement with Beshara was intimated by the thought that came to me during a Mead Hall zikr (remembrance) in the summer of 2010.  I stayed at Chisholme House for three weeks, during which time I read the first volume of the rendering into english of Ismail Hakki Bosnevi’s (not Bursevi’s) commentary on Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus al Hikam (bezels of wisdom), may all those involved in it’s production be blessed.  (Apologies for any lack in tact in the aforegoing).  I read it out loud mostly in the library before morning meditation (I find it easier to read some subject matter aloud), though the last session took place at the Monument to Man (designed by Bulent Rauf and situated above his grave), rather appropriate, no?  This thought had the form of ‘This is your last visit to Chisholme’, and in the following days, I felt a great sense of release, singing The Who’s song ‘I’m Free’.  There is a saying oft quoted at the School that ‘Thoughts are visitors from Heaven’.  Well, in my experience, if I followed all the thoughts that came to me, I would get into a lot of trouble, but this particular thought I now understand to have been Clairaudient, and certainly came from a higher degree of being than I’m usually familiar with.  After leaving Chisholme, I continued to read aloud the remaining three volumes of the Fusus.

While in Hawick, as I was training in Spiritual Healing,  a friend lent me a book by the husband of Minesta (who channelled White Eagle), Ivan Cooke (Brother Faithful) entitled ‘Healing by the Spirit’.  At the Spiritualist Church that I started attending soon after those three weeks, there was a leaflet displayed about the White Eagle Temple at Rake near Liphook down the A3 from where I was staying, one of the Church officers said she would take me there sometime.  Well it didn’t happen and it didn’t happen, and one time I was over at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at Shere, got talking with a gentleman there and it turned out he was involved with the White Eagle Lodge as well as the Sanctuary.  Anyway, something clicked and with the car I had some use of, went off to a Family Sunday event at the Temple (they were quite happy to have attendees joining in on their own).  Well, I quite enjoyed it, and for the next three or four days, it was remarkable, it seemed that the energies of the Temple stayed with me.  I kept going there and joined an absent healing group as a lone healer, but at that time I’d also come across Helios In King’s Cross, London, through the now defunct Spirit Release Foundation (I’d been referred to them by an NFSH lady in Cobham after relating my exploits at Buckholm Tower and The Whin).  That subject is best left for a Helios thread following entry.  The attraction I felt for the Spiritualist Church faded (as I channelled later ‘Spirit held me there for a time’), and after some false starts, I began to volunteer at Helios (they could pay my travel expenses with their new Lottery funding).  My reaction to this was that I should now give up White Eagle as well as the Spiritualist Church, well, Helios had a School of Healing as well as a School of Channelling, and Greg’s group, what more did I need.  So I gave in my lone healing folder and withdrew from the Temple.  They were very ok with it, no attempt was made to try to dissuade me from leaving.  What happened next though is that Kim Hall, an attendee of a Helios clinic or two, for some reason, encouraged me to go to the White Eagle London Lodge (WELL) in Kensington.  Told me how to get an Oyster Card, and that it was a single trip by bus, the No 10.  So I joined in there, mostly on Thursday afternoons, and one of the Brothers said to me once that ‘I bring something special with me when coming to the Lodge’.  So the transition was from the Temple to the WELL, sort of, as I dwell half way between, I go to both.

I don’t remember exactly when, 2011 maybe, but I ended up sending nearly all my Beshara library to Chisholme along with my Hisb (a prayer of protection and spiritual elevation) case and chain.  Probably at the time, I was waiting for my Star Brother membership to be actualised, having filled in an application following a retreat I attended at the White Eagle Temple.  (There’s another thread to write).  I destroyed the microfiche of the prayer, though I did keep the transliteration and a book about it, and it wasn’t long before my Brotherhood Star was sent to me.  Incidentally, I have read the Hisb on a few occasions for certain situations, and there have even been noticeable results a couple of times, though of course one could never prove cause and effect in this world.  I was engaging in a healing share with another Anna Taylor groupie (not to be taken negatively) last year 2014.  After one session, she described how she could ‘see’ a gentleman in a turban who she took to be my guide (she assumed him to be Indian, but I expect that he is Turkish).  She was ‘shown’ among other visions, a crescent moon followed by a Christian cross, before he turned and moved away.  She was not aware that the crescent moon is an Islamic symbol, but I’m taking what she saw as confirmation of the Beshara/White Eagle transition, in Brother Faithful’s book the Lodge’s orientation is described as non-denominational Christian.

This past week has been busy astronomically, not just the eclipse and equinox, also the last of the current series of Uranus square Pluto which began in 2012.  Has the latter been bringing poisons to the surface of humanity, ready to be lanced like a boil?  Time will tell.  I’ve also recently received a mini soul plan reading developed from the Hebrew Gematria.  So, I’m a service soul, not here for myself, rather for others.  My spiritual talent is clairaudience (has happened a few times), while my challenge and goal is clairvoyance, that will be quite a step, and then I will be a bit more useful in this world.  Also had a Kirlian photo taken of my hands recently, not much better connected with this world than 35 years ago, perhaps I haven’t even completed the first journey (Beshara School speak).  The better I can be grounded, the more use I will be to Spirit.

New Focus?

It’s been on my mind recently that I haven’t been aware of a focus such as the Woking Spiritualist Church, Helios and Menorca gave me.  All I had was what I said to a couple of people at the end of last year that I wouldn’t be seeing them for a while as there would be a period of introspection (navel gazing?) for me in the coming months, though there was the idea with it that it will last until Easter.  Then, a few weeks ago, I was looking at the Radionic Association journals I still have from my time as a member, and wondering whether to keep them.  Having a look inside – oh, that looks interesting – so I didn’t do anything with them then.  Then this morning, for some reason, I started wondering whether Rudolf Steiner referred to notes when he gave his lectures.

Didn’t find an answer to this, but came across the following:-  “Let us be courageous and not draw back in fear when realities of the world of spirit that play into human life are unveiled. You see, the future of humanity depends on us learning to live with the world of spirit in the same way that we live with the physical world here on Earth.” — from the Steiner book “Spirit as Sculptor of the Human Organism – The Influence of the Dead (CW 218)”.  Perhaps this is a pointer to my focus for these weeks until Easter, to work to establish a close, direct connection with Source or Spirit, to go more inward than I have ever been before (in this world).  Those journals have now gone for recycling, and there are plenty more papers to follow no doubt.  I’ve heard that Steiner could help those who came to consult him on many varied subjects, even those he was unfamiliar with, presumably thanks to his connection with Source.

Why should a medium in Birmingham who has never met me, an acquaintance I met through the Woking Church and Anna’s workshops described by Anna as a witch and a psychic doing Tarot readings in a pub all see me teaching?  Is this some cosmic wind up or veridic?  Can’t be regular teaching as I don’t have a degree, and I’m pretty hopeless anyway when it comes to things of this world.  The latter leads others to presume I’m hopeless at everything, oh well, we’ll see.

Following the thread – Menorca

Sorry, couple of other points first:- 1) According to  Eastern Ukraine is being used as a testing ground for the latest generation of Russian weaponry, against the previous generation which the Ukrainian Army has.  2)   “Humanity is experiencing an evolution in consciousness. We are starting to think differently about what it means to “own” something.”  Is this to do with the approaching Age of Aquarius (finally dawning), will everything then be owned collectively, and we will rent what we wish to use?  3) They’re showing the sci-fi series Andromeda on Pick TV, re-establishing the Commonwealth after 300 years, bit like establishing the Aquarian Age of Brotherhood after the Piscean one?  4) Much better than so-called reality TV like Big Brother are Alex Polizzi trying to fix broken small businesses, and that series on Channel 5 about those dependant on various kinds of benefits.  How ridiculous that a tenant was being charged the ‘bedroom tax’ on two upstairs rooms that are too small to qualify as bedrooms.  5)  Following earlier post of Vocal Future?  I’ve just found a local community choir, though I was actually looking for a collection point for hard to recycle packaging.

It has been related elsewhere on this blog how my last visit to Chisholme House came about (though whether that was the final one remains to be seen).  A few days after my return from those three weeks, Woking (a nearby town) came into my thoughts.  I assumed this meant that I should go there in search of a job, and so off I went and signed up with an office employment agency there, and gave the locality my special attention.  Silly me, it was for something much more important.  I had been going to an NFSH group in Byfleet, and one evening I heard that there were extra clients there who usually went to the Spiritualist Church in Woking for healing sessions.  The Woking Church had started having its sessions every other week, rather than every week, so this led to an extra influx on those weeks when the Spiritualist Church was not holding a session.  Hmmmm, I’d often wondered about what went on in Spiritualist Churches but had never gone for fear of what others would think of me, or somesuch.  But, this was the moment for a new departure.  Said farewell to the local Anglican Church, being quite open about where I was going to instead.  And for the next year or so I would attend two or three times a week, services on Thursday and Sunday, circle on Friday and other special events.  It’s like I was held in this pattern, until one day I was cycling southwards and there was a ‘it’s time to leave here and go off to the left or thereabouts’.  Took a few weeks for this to be enacted of course, but after a while I was volunteering at Helios in London.

The Woking Spiritualist Church was serviced by many excellent mediums, one would pick up on how people died, using that as the evidence for survival.  Another helped me with my travails at Buckholm Tower, seems I didn’t shift the Laird after all, but the lady who cursed him for killing her husband and son, she did accept my help to move on.  And then there was Anna Taylor from Guildford, who describes herself as a Shamanic Practitioner, and runs her own circles and Development Days etc:  Meanwhile, there was a message for me through a medium in Birmingham, while in conversation with a gentleman I met at the White Eagle London Lodge (WELL).  I would meet someone who would lead me to some sort of contact in Spain, probably, though possibly Italy.  In the middle of 2012, I cycled up the towpath of the River Wey Navigation beyond Guildford to Peasmarsh, where Anna ran her circles.  I like to check things out before to ease myself into new areas of activity.  Then I just turned up at one of her advertised evenings, and soon became a regular, and was given a door to door lift with one of the other participants.  One evening, she talked of the villa her family have in Menorca, one of the Spanish Balearic islands, and of how they released the deva of the land, she had been prevented from her regular task of reporting back to base.  Not quite what the message said as I’d already met her, however, I felt that this would be the place for me to go to.  I researched the island, lots of Bronze Age sites, super, and the following April, with the help of £100 from my daughter, I spent four days there in the cheapest accommodation available.  Places to stay in were well beyond my budget, however, someone had given me YMCA in circle, and suddenly I thought to try Youth Hostel.  Yes, there was just one on the island in the second main conurbation of Ciutadella.  I had of course asked Anna about staying at her villa, but it was full of her team preparing it for the summer lets.  With about six Euros a day, I had enough to eat and spent my time walking as far as I could.  I wasn’t aware of anything else happening, and when I related this to the gentleman at WELL via email on my return, he came back to me saying that one of his other guides had told him that I should have got around much more.  Strangely, I woke up during the night after reading his reply with the ‘knowing’ (it’s difficult to describe) that I had done quite enough on that visit.

The following October, a driving job materialised for me which meant that I could get to Menorca the following April with my own resources.  And this time I could hire a bicycle and get out to some of the Bronze Age sites, I also happened to be on the same flight out as Anna and part of her prepping group.  However, their villa is in the South East, and I for some reason went back to Ciutadella in the North West, though this time in a cheap hotel.  Anna told me later how they had been considering holding a spiritual retreat in their villa, but it was only when I started to go to Menorca that it then felt right to do so.  My working hours were upped from 4 to 5, meaning it was not too difficult to save for the retreat in October 2014, as well as participate in the monthly development days.  In April, the hotel proprietor suggested I visit a large cave in the South South West (approx) on my way back to the airport.  This meant changing buses in the centre of the island, where the highest point is, and there was time to take a taxi up to the Monastery on top with its Church.

For the retreat itinerary, Anna asked me for suggestions for places to visit.  Surprisingly to me, she had never been to any of the Bronze Age sites in her forty odd years of going to Menorca.  Her tenet is/had been? that the whole island is sacred, and when people visit, it can be a transforming experience for them.  So, for Graham’s day out, there were two sites I had visited twice in April, Torrellafuda and Naveta des Tudons, and then it felt right to start with the Monastery (we had vehicular transport this time).  Anna experienced an energy in the Church (I didn’t) and then the five women on the retreat spent what seemed to me like hours in the gift shop.  At Torrellafuda, Anna’s sister Gemma asked the spirits of the place whether we could do anything for them, the answer was ‘we’re fine thank you’.  When I first visited the Naveta (boat shaped) tomb, I’d got fairly close to it and then been ‘paused’, only continuing after saying some prayers.  Anna explained that this was the Spirit Guardians of the site challenging me, I suppose most visitors would be insensitive to their energy, and those who have more experience of such matters announce their intentions in good time.  Anna sensed that there were many spirits around who were a bit lost, and felt that the associated portal was not clear.  So we performed a ceremony to get it working properly again.  While having a meal later, the thought came to me that the portal was working just fine now.  On the last full day, we visited another site near the capital Mahon, but I don’t pick up much detail from these places (at the moment), I just like wandering around them.

Since then, my job has come to an abrupt end, following an incident just before flying to Menorca for the retreat.  Well, didn’t need it any more, did I.  And I no longer go to any of Anna’s workshops.  As Greg at Helios observed, job done, perhaps there will be more retreats and visits for the Taylors.  As for that contact, it took two years for the first part of the Birmingham message to complete.  Another two years for the contact part?

Grexit or no Grexit

The following are the final paragraphs of an article entitled “Playing with Political Fire” by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:-

There has been no move to fiscal union.  The compromise deal on QE means each national central bank will be responsible for 80pc of its own debt purchases, entrenching EMU fragmentation. “As long as funds for insolvent banks are to come from fiscally – distressed states, the death embrace will continue,” said Mr Varoufakis. He and Mr Tsipras think much of EMU crisis machinery is a Potemkin facade.  Rightly or wrongly, they conclude Germany’s bluff can therefore be called.
“Europe is sleepwalking into a very dangerous situation,” said Hans Redeker from Morgan Stanley. “Diplomacy is breaking down and we are seeing (the) same sort of emotional behaviour that led to the misjudgements of 1914.”
“The EU always said that the currency union is irrevocable. Once you destroy that faith, the eurozone becomes little more than a fixed-exchange system, an ERM3 with currency tail-risk always a nagging doubt.  We think the euro would fall to $0.90 to the dollar very fast,” he said.
The stakes are high. Greece is a NATO member on the edges of Europe’s “arc of instability”; a string of conflicts, civil wars, and failed states stretching from Ukraine to the Levant-and Libya. Critics say it would be an act of strategic vandalism to push Greece over the abyss into this maelstrom
“To believe that you can talk about Grexit and then contain the after-effects, takes a degree of unprecedented silliness,” said Mr Varoufakis. Yet that is exactly where this spectacular game of chicken is going to until one side or the other blinks.

Currently, there is a mass exodus of deposits from Greek banks, which are then replaced by funds from the European Central Bank as per the rules of the Eurozone.  However, the Greek Government is no longer continuing with the privatisation programme the previous government agreed to, as the finance minister says that assets were being sold for peanuts.  In effect the agreement with the Troika of lenders is no longer being followed, so the ECB could well be forced to desist from this fund transfer, leading to a collapse of the Greek banking system and exit from the Euro (and the EU?)

Another Daily Telegraph biz journalist says that Grexit could be made to work, so there is no consensus among the journalists of this paper.  Looks like whatever happens will be pivotal to the future of the Euro – or maybe not.

I promise to return to more usual fare after this, Menorca?

January titbits (or tidbits)

Helena Morrisey, in Sunday Telegraph biz comment, says there are now no all-male FTSE 100 boards of Directors.  Also a new kind of power is unfolding in a world built on networks.  The aptitudes needed today include collaboration, listening and empathy, building trust and transparency.  These are traditionally viewed as “female” attributes.  Men can develop them too, but current neuroscience suggests that women are wired in a way that gives us an advantage in today’s world.  This reminds me of something I’ve just read in the Aquarian Gospel (published in 1908)  “Salome taught the lesson of the day. She said, All times are not alike. Today the words of man may have the greatest power; to-morrow women teaches best.” Chapter 9 verse 1.  Helena looks forward to a much better balance of the male and female dynamic.  She hopes we will be collaborative, valuing the feminine and masculine as equal, but distinctive.  Or as verse 2 says “In all the ways of life the man and woman should walk hand in hand; the one without the other is but half; each has a work to do.”  Whether this refers literally to male and female or rather to the masculine and feminine traits within us all, I will leave to the reader.

So Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank will finally fire his Quantitative Easing bazooka in March, though for only 20 percent of the € 60 billion per month will the risk be shared centrally.  Individual central banks will be liable for the other 80 percent.  Not quite “one for all, and all for one” then, and Greece won’t be able to participate until later in the year, assuming they are still in the Eurozone.  Watched an interview with the Greek Finance Minister, of course the interviewer was trying to get him to admit that they wanted to renege on the Troika agreement.  I found what he said rather reasonable, was a 25 percent reduction in Greek Gross National Product part of the plan?  Recently released IMF minutes appear to reveal that the purpose of lending yet more money to a bankrupt entity was to give them time to erect a firewall around the rest of Europe (my interpretation).  As for where all the money created by QE goes, where does it end up?  From Matthew Lynn’s viewpoint in the Daily Telegraph biz section of Jan 20th:- The hope is that it will lift Italy, Greece and Spain (not France?) out of deflation and depression, though he expects the impact to be limited.  The major consequence will be  1) Booming equity markets  2) Depressed UK manufacturing as the Euro depreciates against Sterling  3) A boost for the City of London where a lot of this money will be traded  4) Soaring London property prices  5) Negative interest rates introduced by such as the Swiss.  Didn’t they do well decoupling from the Euro without giving any advanced warning.  The QE initiated by the US and the UK has yet to be unwound, it appears that interest rates will be raised first, even though QE was introduced after interest rates were lowered as far as possible.

Adventure and obstacle courses are luring more and more of us into the countryside.  The Urban Ninja obstacle course launches in the Spring with two levels of challenge – “tame” or “insane” (wot, nothing in between).  Only 30 – 50 percent of people will be able to complete the tame stage without failing (does this mean outside two hour time limit?).  Just 1 percent for the insane one.

The Chinese are supporting Russia financially to spread their renminbi sphere and now Russian finance minister Anton Siluanov told CNBC yesterday (29th) that his country would consider giving financial help to Greece if asked.  Unforeseen consequences of sanctions?

This is the UN International Year of Light (and light-based technologies).  What happens when you shine a light into a dark corner?  Lots of creepy crawlies are revealed and start running about.